Children need continued parental support

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Relaxing evenings can be few and far between when you’re a parent of school-aged children.

Even in Moose Jaw, it always seems like the “go, go, go” pace is steady for families across all corners of the city.

Parents work. Children attend school. Meals are cooked. Chores are completed. Extracurricular activities are enjoyed.

Somewhere in there the function of a family doing things together exists, right?

Parents need children to cheer them up after a rough day at work, and children need parents to help them when they are struggling with homework.

But that isn’t all — far from it.

This is especially true when it comes the need for parents to support their children in their activities.

On April 2 and 3 Sunningdale Elementary School presented Through the Looking Glass, a theatrical production adaption with ties to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

On the second night proud parents, family members and friends looked on as students performed what was approximately a 60-minute performance.

There were smiles, laughs and a genuine satisfaction across the faces of audience members.

After the performance hugs were had between children and parents. Words of approval and encouragement were passed down the generational line.

In the busy day-to-day lives we live, parents sometimes bypass opportunities to share special moments in their children’s lives with them.

It’s important that parents set aside time to regularly attend their kids’ theatrical performances, band concerts, piano recitals and sporting endeavours.

Not only does it prove to them that you are supportive of them in their desired activities of choice, but you will be there for them to give them a pat on the back regardless of whether they performed out of this world, or fell flat on their face.

That’s what parents are there for, to love and support their children no matter what the results may be.

However, those results have the potential to become fewer and fewer should parents neglect to be involved in the extracurricular activities of their children.

The more a parent is there to support his or her children, the more respect you — as a parent — will receive when your wide-eyed little one grins from ear-to-ear after they spot you in the crowd rooting them on.

Never take those moments for granted, and they just may serve as the relaxation you needed after another busy day.

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Organizations: Sunningdale Elementary School

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Looking Glass, Wonderland

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