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Bullying is never acceptable.

It doesn’t matter what our circumstances are. It doesn’t matter who’s treated us poorly or how much life has knocked us down. It doesn’t matter how terrible our day is or what our past has been.

Bullying is never an acceptable solution because it isn’t a solution at all.

Today is Day of Pink, the international day against bullying. People are encouraged to wear pink to be united in taking a stand against bullying. Many things happen in many communities, including Moose Jaw.

Through presentations, people are encouraged to stop bullying.

This is a great initiative that cannot be overemphasized. No one deserves to be or should be bullied.

It’s demeaning, cruel and does absolutely nothing good for any parties involved. It also doesn’t matter what type of bullying it is.

Cyberbullying is the latest trend and that is one of the worst types of bullying. Through cyberbullying, bullies cannot see how it physically affects the victim.

They can maintain a distance without human interaction and have no chance of knowing just how much it can hurt.

Bullying makes people feel isolated.

There are many reasons bullying happens and it’s not just at schools. Bullying happens at workplaces too. We need to talk about it to make a change. The best way to prevent bullying in the future is beginning that dialogue at a young age.

According to the Day of Pink website, the day started in Nova Scotia after two straight high school students saw a gay student wearing a pink shirt get bullied.

While the students intervened, they wanted to do more.

Several days later, they got everyone in the school to wear pink to stand in solidarity.

“The message was clear: anyone can bully, any can be victimized by bullying, but together we can stop it,” said the website. “No one should have to experience the negativity created by discrimination.”

Taking an international stand on one day of the year is great.

However, it isn’t enough. We need to maintain that solidarity 365 days a year because doing it one day a year won’t change everything unless everyone does something about it.

We need to help the victims. We need to prevent bullies from tormenting anyone. Bullying needs to stop and together we can make it happen.

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Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Nova Scotia

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