Fight for change, not to inflict pain

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Over the past few months, viral six-second videos floating around Facebook can be filled with the laughter of a baby, the friendship of a dog and cat, the homecoming of a soldier, or recently, a young woman being hit in the head with a shovel.

Miranda Fugate, better known as “Shovel Girl,” has become the star of a recent viral video involving herself and Emily Olinger.

In the short clip, the two are physically fighting throughout, and almost every word spoken is one of them swearing at the other.

Near the end, Olinger picks up a shovel, and hurtles it towards Fugate as she runs away. As it brings a short laugh to some, it brings a feeling of disgust to others.

In the video it is evident that others are standing around watching, doing nothing about the brawl. And worse than that, someone is recording the fight for pure enjoyment.

This is not the first time that fights like this have circulated around Facebook, Vine, and other social media apps and websites, but this six-second version of a nearly eight-minute video has seemed to make the most amount of hype.

After this video had become popular, many rumours began showing up on newsfeeds and homepages. “Shovel Girl dies” was just one of them. That then was found to be false.

Along with this viral video, it is evident that people find so much enjoyment out of the misfortune of others.

For a 14-year-old who received a concussion and complained of hearing loss, it is sad to see what others were saying about this teen from Ohio.

This is not only a lesson to people about the effects of throwing a shovel at another person’s head, but it can also be a real-life situation that shows human nature.

This, unfortunately, is the more disturbing side of human nature, of how we find instant gratification or a laugh out of others’ pain. In this case it was physical pain.

A video like “Shovel Girl” can show us how we think, and can also show how no matter what is happening — whether it is a duck following a cat or two teenage girls fighting over a boy — we live in a time when everyone pulls out their cell phone to document what is happening, instead of trying to change it.

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