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“I want to be just like ...” fill in the blank. 

It’s been said all too much and it seems that when the people saying it become a certain age it’s something that no one wants to hear.

When a three-year-old looks you in the eyes and says, “I want to be just like my daddy,” or “When I’m bigger can I be like you?” it is a sweet moment of joy on your face knowing that a child who knows basically nothing looks up to you so much.

What about when it moves past the age of being cute, and into teenage years, where it stops being cute?

It starts being something that the individual can’t move past.

Having problems with looks, self-esteem, and self-confidence are struggles that everyone will face in their lives, but the sad truth is that some people will take longer than others to get over their lack of confidence.

This then turns into the longing to be someone else and doing anything to be that way.

It doesn’t only have to be celebrities that people are striving to be like, but usually that’s the case.

People make money on YouTube for teaching others how to have their makeup exactly like Kim Kardashians, while magazines show you how to get the same outfits as celebrities.

Celebrities have so much positive power over young people, but sometimes it gets lost under the persona they are trying to uphold for Hollywood.

If young women and men in the spotlight could use their positive power in our nations and start talking about the importance of not be exactly like them, then maybe youth would see that it is important to be themselves.

You can cut your hair like your favorite actress and dress the same, but in the end it all comes down to your personality and approach on life.

For all you know, your celebrity crush could have no morals that align with your own and a completely different outlook on life.

Love your personality and your body, and others will follow your footsteps. Maybe your favourite celebrity could take a lesson from you.

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