One good step toward a bright recycling future

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The city has taken a step in the right direction regarding recycling. On Monday, the majority of councillors approved the city’s participation in the provincial Multi Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) program. It will come into play on Jan. 1.

The recycling bins in Sobey's parking lot are seen on June 23. Sobey's has extended the timeline to keep the recycling bins on their parking lot until Dec. 31.

While this doesn’t guarantee a city curbside recycling program, it’s certainly a good start to helping improve recycling in this city — and it’s about time.

Recycling is important. It’s about preventing waste. It’s about thinking about the environment and the future generations to come. The best we can do is recycle and make it easy and convenient for everyone.

Recycling isn’t a new notion either, but it has increased in popularity. A lot of us recycle, as we should. Thousands of years ago, people used to melt down types of metal such as swords or pots that they no longer needed, according to the website Benefits of Recycling. Once melted down, those were forged into new items such as coins or statues.

During the First World War and the Second World War, there were metal drives to recycle resources. Soon after, organized recycling programs started taking shape. In the 1940s and 1950s, the first idea of a landfill came about.

Our city’s landfill is overflowing. It needs an expansion and it needs to be cleaned up. What’s more alarming is that some items that could be recycled are ending up in the trash or in the landfill. This is such a waste.

Some of us will remember purchasing milk in glass bottles and leaving it on our doorsteps to be replaced. Those glass bottles were always reused.

Those are days long gone. If anyone heads up to the city’s recycling bins at Sobeys, we can read on a sign that says glass isn’t recyclable.

Not to mention heading up to the places where the bins are is an extra effort for a lot of people.

Sometimes people can’t get up there to recycle and so something is thrown away that could otherwise be recycled.

A city curbside recycling program would make it easier for everyone to be involved and encourage taking care of our environment by recycling.

But for now, councillors have made a promising decision by participating in the MMSW program.

It seems we are headed toward a bright future in the world of recycling.

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