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It is a parent’s worst nightmare, come true. 

As a parent you do everything in your power to ensure your children are always in the safest environments. You hand-pick those you trust the most to care for your children when you cannot and you do your best to be aware of the dangers around you. However, even when one does everything right, there is always that .05 per cent chance something could go wrong. 

For the family of five-year-old Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, who went missing from their southwest Calgary home six days ago, the unimaginable has transpired.

After helping her parents with an estate sale they had been holding throughout the weekend, around 10 p.m. Sunday, Jennifer O’Brien said goodbye to her son for the last time.

When she arrived back at the home, 12-hours-later with a change of clothes in-hand, the home was empty. Her parents and five-year-old son were nowhere to be found. Approximately seven hours later the Calgary police issued an amber alert.

Since that moment, the moment she discovered her son missing, Jennifer O’Brien and her family have been living the nightmare we all hope only exists on TV.

The Calgary police and a number of different agencies have been working diligently to fill in the blanks and bring the three family members home safe. However as each day passes it is hard to picture the happy homecoming it seems a nation is hoping for.

Although Calgary is a province away, for many in Saskatchewan it feels as though this story is taking place in our own back yard.

The ties in the western provinces run deep and when one is in distress, the others are affected.

Perhaps this is because for many years Saskatchewan saw a number of its residents chase the Albert Dream or leave for a more relaxed lifestyle on the West Coast and those connections remain strong. Whatever the reason, when one feels pain, it ripples down the line.

Currently Calgary police are asking the public to help them locate a late ‘80s, early ‘90s model, green Ford F-150 and its driver, hoping that person may have relevant information.

More information and photos of those missing and the truck in question can be found on the Calgary police website.

Perhaps the name Nathan O’Brien held no meaning moments before reading this, and perhaps you never thought Alberta news held relevance in Saskatchewan. However in the grand scheme of it all, borders are just lines on a map, cities are just made up with the neighbours we have to travel a bit further to see and when it comes to caring, sending good thoughts and prayers, distance is no longer a factor.

We all hope for the safe return of a family’s beloved son and parents, but until then lets give them the support they need in whatever form they may need it.

All editorials are written by the Times-Herald editorial staff. 

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