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Moose Jaw is crumbling. So what are we going to do about it? The time has passed to point fingers and place blame on the councils of past for the infrastructure woes we are left with today.

Moose Jaw city hall is pictured.

It is time to buck up as a community, make our voices heard at council and instead of just complaining, come to council chambers with a plan or suggestion in-hand.

Moose Jaw is a beautiful city. It has parks, culture and an abundance of activities, some of which take place in the structures being blamed for Moose Jaw's financial shortcomings.

However, again focusing on structures that have already come to fruition seems counter productive.

It is a well-known fact that the multiplex issue drove a wedge between this community. However, what is done is done and it is time to move on, find real solutions to the issues at hand and do so as a collective.

Council is just seven voices of more than 35,000. They are suppose to represent the community as a whole and although some community members don't believe they are doing so effectively, perhaps it is because those people are not making their voices heard, or they are going to council with their issues but without any suggestions on how to fix this problem.

City engineers and various city hall departments have come forward with plans of their own, ideas and ways to try and fix Moose Jaw's problems, however every time one person or department makes a suggestion another person or department is not happy.

Thus why it might be time for the citizens to start tossing in their ideas.

The fact that Moose Jaw is in its current distress cannot fall on one person's shoulders or one council's shoulders because the problems that have come to be are from years and years of poor planning, neglect and uncontrollable factors, such as the weather.

One of the big questions always seems to be where will we get the money to pay for the fix? Well perhaps it will have to come from the taxpayers, perhaps from an increased debt limit, or perhaps council will have to make some hard decisions and cut one thing to fund another.

Regardless of how we fix the infrastructure problem, it is going to cost money. Money we don't have.

Moose Jaw is a beautiful city in need of some serious work. To ensure our city is restored the way we would like it to be, as a community, we need to stop complaining and instead start communicating.

Call your councillors, the mayor, or whomever. Go to a council meeting and let those in charge of making the tough decisions know what you want and maybe, just maybe, we can put back together a city that is slowly breaking apart.

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Recent comments

  • Marlyn Antill
    July 17, 2014 - 10:49

    I agree we the citizens of Moose Jaw need to be more vocal and we must stop all the negative views , let's have positive views and together help fix our beautiful city.Even if we start in out own yards and neighbourhood ,many hands make work lighter.