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When it comes to the frequency and impact of criminal activity, Moose Jaw is relatively fortunate.

While there is certainly no shortage of impaired driving and other substance-related offenses, the most serious of crimes — murder and rape, in particular — are very infrequent.

Unfortunately, there are other crimes that are less so, and one in particular that the Times-Herald frequently spots while compiling the Today File or speaking with police officers is theft.

Among those, the ones that stand out most — perhaps beyond the major thefts of property or vehicles — are those that involve bicycles.

Bicycle thefts happen just often enough in the Friendly City that the reporters at the Times-Herald have speculated about the victims of the thefts and how the loss of their bicycle may impact their life.

Recently, the Times-Herald was given an answer to that question at least in one case when a young man in Moose Jaw had his $1,000 bicycle stolen.

The young man, as it turns out, relies on his bicycle as his primary form of transportation.

As an adult, it might be easy to forget how important a bicycle can be. Most people have licenses and vehicles, and once that becomes the case a bicycle becomes a luxury rather than a necessity.

But for a young man without a license or who may not be able to afford a vehicle, a bicycle can be an important means of getting everywhere he needs to go: to school, to work, to a friend’s home, to a sporting facility, or even just to the store.

Thieves, like many criminals, likely aren’t thinking about the consequences of their actions as they take them. With theft often being a crime of opportunity, it is highly unlikely that they are thinking of the victims of their behaviour.

But no crime is without its victim, and every criminal should have to think about those they have harmed with their actions.

Like the young man who has now lost a vital part of his independence with the theft of his bicycle.

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