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A six-inch phone can be your moneymaker. With social media, that is.Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. You name any social app that’s found on your smartphone, and someone somewhere is making money off of it. Big money.

Jessi Smiles makes her living off of creating seven second videos on Vine. She is 20, blonde, pretty and charming. Smart, too, because she somehow was able to rack up over 3.2 million followers through the app.

These are people who subscribe to her videos and look forward to her daily quips. She can make $3,000 a second just for mentioning a sponsor in a single clip.

Companies love paying average people — who have millions of followers — to promote their products. It is fast, effective and is guaranteed to reach a certain demographic.

And companies aren’t just relying on Instagram and Vine users to push their products. They are starting to focus their attention toward Snapchat.

Snapchat is a new app that allows users to snap a photo or a video. They can caption it and send it to anyone on their friends list. Once the photo is opened by the friend, they have only a couple of seconds to view it until the snap disappears from their phone to never be seen again.

The playful app has an estimated 30 million active users, with 71 per cent of them being under 25.

Just like Instagram, Vine and Twitter, these Snapchat users are building a following.

The Snapchatters who have huge followings are in high demand by companies, with some earning $1,500 a day to more than $100,000 for a week’s work for a brand. And that is a lot of money to pay for content that will permanently disappear after 10 seconds.

So how is it possible that people are making thousands of dollars off of irrelevant content? The answer is simple.

With each new generation, attention spans become less and less. We now need to process our information through a glance of a photo or in 140 characters or less. No one has the time to sit through an hour long television show, including five commercial breaks. These social media stars are a product of our changing society. They have figured out how to entertain us in a short period time, but more importantly, they know how to keep us engaged. One could even say it’s genius.

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