Province not responsible for city's facelift

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Every provincial minister would like an opportunity, on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan, to extend more funding to his or her department.

A pothole is seen near the intersection of Main Street North and Diefenbaker Drive. The majority of residents surveyed in the citizen survey ranked infrastructure, such as roads, as the most important issue facing the City of Moose Jaw.

It just isn’t that simple.

The government chooses what it perceives to be priorities. Sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s wrong.

From those choices, we as residents can and often do nitpick at the government’s decisions to dole out funding to various projects. We joke that if we were MLAs, we would push hard for money to be allocated to projects that we feel need handouts.

Many times, however, we are the ones in the wrong.

The government’s July 23 announcement that municipal revenue sharing is slated to increase by $8.3 million in 2015-16, and in a city that could certainly use some money, Moose Javians are discussing and questioning it.

That extra money is the result of an increase in Provincial Sales Tax revenues in 2013-14.

So, what does it mean for the Friendly City?

It means our city will receive an estimated $240,000 slice of the revenue sharing pie — a mere 2.9 per cent of the $8.3 million.

What the City of Moose Jaw does with the money is anyone’s guess, but we think more than a few citizens would push for 100 per cent of that money to go straight toward infrastructure upgrades.

They aren’t wrong, but $240,000 isn’t going to do a whole heck of a lot in the giant scheme of the city’s infrastructure woes.

Millions upon millions of dollars need to be spent on a slew of infrastructure upgrades. From cast iron water lines to the bevy of potholes that line our streets, Moose Jaw needs a facelift.

Unfortunately, the provincial government, namely the ministry of government relations, isn’t going to shell out millions of dollars to our city, especially when the likes of Regina and Saskatoon are clamouring for — and deserve — more provincial dollars.

So while Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter might like to hand out more of the revenue sharing dollars to Moose Jaw, his hands are tied — and it’s not his fault.

If Moose Javians want to question the way money is doled out, look no further than city council and what they are doing with your tax dollars.

You might even ask why the millions of dollars in municipal reserves aren’t being utilized on strengthening the city’s underbelly.

All Times-Herald editorials are written by the editorial staff.

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Friendly, Regina Saskatoon

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Recent comments

  • Jason cleave
    July 29, 2014 - 18:18

    Clear the snow in the winter and the pot hole would be a tenth of the problem they are. Maybe we shouldn't have sold off the snow removal Equipement a few years ago. I stayed in martensville a few years ago while attending school in Saskatoon. 2 days and the entire town was clear of snow. And the had 4 graders. Do we have 2 that work? I say we start by removing the problem and then start repairing and rebuilding.