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Results of the survey

Do you think that Crescent Park should be renamed to Queen Elizabeth II Park in honour of her Diamond Jubilee?

  • 10% Yes
  • 89% No

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How do you feel about celebrating Halloween during the summer?


What's your favourite part about Sidewalk Days?


Are you at all worried about the financial crisis in Greece affecting the Canadian economy?


How has the heavy forest fire smoke affected your daily activities?


Do the Saskatchewan Roughriders still have a good chance of winning the Grey Cup this year after losing Darian Durant to injury?

Recent survey

What's your favourite part of Canada Day?

  • 59% The day itself
  • 41% The fireworks
  • 0% Pancake breakfast
  • 0% Live music, performances

How do you feel the issue at Providence Place was handled?

  • 27% They did their best given the circumstances.
  • 68% It was handled poorly and slowly.
  • 5%

Do you agree with the proposed removal of the Confederate flag from U.S. state Capitol grounds?

  • 58% Yes.
  • 33% No.
  • 9% Not sure.

With the release of the Moose Jaw Warriors' pre-season schedule on Tuesday, are you thinking of the hockey season just yet?

  • 32% It's always hockey season. I can't wait.
  • 68% It's too early to think of hockey. Summer just started.

Have you made summer vacation plans yet?

  • 34% Absolutely. Summer is my favourite time of year.
  • 47% Not yet.
  • 19% My vacation time is saved for the winter months.

Do you think Moose Jaw needs a bigger skate park?

  • 36% Yes
  • 64% No

What did you think of the Hometown Parade Thursday night?

  • 35% It was awesome!
  • 21% I liked it.
  • 14% It was good, but last year's was better
  • 30% I didn't enjoy it.

Friday, Graham James pleaded guilty to sexual assault to one of his former players in the 1990s, the sixth victim to come forward over the past 20 years. What is your strongest reaction to this case?

  • 15% I'm disgusted.
  • 64% I don't think his jail sentence is long enough.
  • 3% I think his punishment is fair for what he did
  • 18% I'm tired of hearing about this story.

The Little Chicago mural on a wall of the Cornerstone Inn is getting closer to completion. What do you think of the mural so far?

  • 16% I love it!
  • 27% I like it, but I'll reserve final judgment until it's finished.
  • 57% Murals aren't my thing.

Do you think there is a significant drug problem in Moose Jaw?

  • 73% Yes
  • 15% No
  • 12% Maybe