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Results of the survey

How many medals do you think Canada will win at the Olympics?

  • 10% 10
  • 46% 15
  • 41% 20
  • 2% 25

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Who are you cheering for of the four teams left playing for the Stanley Cup?

Recent survey

Between the two walks/runs this weekend – Doubleshift’s Fun Run and the MS Walk – and the two walks/runs next weekend – the first-ever Moose Jaw Pride march on May 30 and the first annual Transplant Trot on May 31 – are you planning on taking part in any of them?

  • 0% Absolutely! I'll be participating in all of them.
  • 2% For sure! I'll be participating in at least one of them.
  • 0% I'm not sure yet, but maybe.
  • 98% No. I won't be seen at any of them.

Moose Jaw is getting an Al Capone mural. Do you like this idea?

  • 65% Yes
  • 25% No
  • 10% Maybe

Do you think cellphones are a major distraction for people behind the wheel?

  • 82% Yes. No one should even look at a phone while driving.
  • 14% Yes, but only if you’re using it.
  • 4% No, there are bigger distractions to worry about.

It’s gardening season once more. Have you bought your plants yet?

  • 14% Yes. I've got them all.
  • 17% No. I haven't started yet.
  • 57% I've bought some of them, but I have more to buy.
  • 12% I won't be planting any flowers this year.

Will you be attending the city's first pride march on May 30?

  • 12% Yes
  • 88% No

What are your plans for the May long weekend?

  • 8% Heading out to a campground or lake
  • 43% Staying at home with family and friends
  • 4% Throwing a big party
  • 45% I have no plans.

On Friday, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death. What are your thoughts on that decision?

  • 66% I agree 100 per cent. He deserves it.
  • 16% I disagree 100 per cent. I am not in favour of the death penalty.
  • 18% I'm on the fence. He deserves to be punished, but I'm not sure the death penalty is the way to go.

On Thursday, former Guatanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr will return to Canda’s top court for the third time. The federal government is trying to have him declared an adult offender for war crimes he committed when he was 15. Do you think he should be treated as an adult offender or a youth offender?

  • 61% Adult offender
  • 33% Youth offender
  • 6% I haven't been following this case.

Today is the 2015 CFL draft. Are you tuning in?

  • 0% Yes. I'll be paying attention to every second.
  • 11% I'll be periodically checking in.
  • 22% Yes, but only in regards to the Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • 67% I'm not interested in this.

The Muppets will be returning to prime time television this fall. Are you excited to see the Muppets come back?

  • 37% Yes. I can't wait.
  • 25% I'm a bit skeptical, but I'll give it a chance.
  • 18% No. The Muppets are past their prime.
  • 20% I've never liked The Muppets.