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Results of the survey

How many medals do you think Canada will win at the Olympics?

  • 10% 10
  • 46% 15
  • 41% 20
  • 2% 25

Recent survey

The Moose Jaw Warriors’ home opener is tonight. How are you feeling about their upcoming season?

  • 52% Great. I'm optimistic about the season.
  • 15% Not so great. I'm unsure how well they'll do.
  • 33% Cautiously optimistic. I'll wait and see.

How do you think the Saskatchewan Roughriders are doing this season?

  • 12% Pretty good, all things considered.
  • 47% Poorly. This season reminds me of last year.
  • 41% I'm already looking forward to next season.

Now that the nomination period has closed, how are you feeling about the candidates for city council and school boards?

  • 35% Good. There are some strong candidates running.
  • 38% Not good. I'm not sure if much will change.
  • 27% It's overwhelming how many candidates there are.

What do you think about the provincial government’s announcement of providing up to $1.875 million in funding for the total upgrade of the North Service Road?

  • 79% I'm thrilled. This is great news.
  • 12% We need funding more elsewhere.
  • 9% I don't have an opinion on this.

What do you think of the idea of a Bible theme park near Moose Jaw?

  • 40% I'm all for it. What a great idea.
  • 28% I'm against it. We don't need this.
  • 32% I'll form my opinion once I have more information.

What are your thoughts on the Prairie South School Division’s decision to change the recitation of the Lord’s prayer at Lindale School to a “mindful moment” of silent reflection?

  • 29% I approve. This is the most inclusive option for kids of all backgrounds.
  • 66% I disapprove. There was nothing wrong with reciting the Lord's prayer.
  • 5% This doesn't affect me or my kids, so I don't mind one way or the other.

It’s mid-September. What is your favourite part about the fall season?

  • 75% The changing colours.
  • 15% Getting back into routine.
  • 10% I can't wait for winter.

What are your thoughts on convicted sex offender Graham James being granted full parole?

  • 10% I approve. Clearly officials believe it was fine to grant this.
  • 84% I disapprove. Convicted sex offenders shouldn't get full parole.
  • 6% I don't have a strong opinion on this one way or the other.

What do you think is the most important issue in the upcoming civic election?

  • 10% Cast iron water mains and the local improvement program.
  • 3% The Downtown Facility and Fieldhouse board restructuring.
  • 8% The economy is the most important issue for sure.
  • 14% Roads, sidewalks and bridges are the most important issues.
  • 65% All of the above. I can't choose just one option.

What are your thoughts on the provincial funding cuts to Wakamow Valley this year?

  • 61% I agree with it. It's a difficult decision that needed to be made.
  • 20% I disagree with it. Wakamow Valley shouldn't ever have funding cuts.
  • 19% I understand why it was done, but more discussion should've happened first.