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Results of the survey

With all the development happening in moose jaw lately, are you feeling optimistic about the future of our city?

  • 60% Yes
  • 40% No

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Tomorrow is administrative professionals day. Are you doing anything for the day?


The Edmonton Oilers won the NHL Draft Lottery for the fourth time in six years, and will likely pick Connor McDavid. What direction will the Oilers head in?

Recent survey

Are you concerned with TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline project?

  • 23% Yes
  • 72% No
  • 5% Don't know.

Are you watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?

  • 9% Yes, I can’t miss a game!
  • 18% I’ll watch lots of games.
  • 45% I’ll watch some of the games.
  • 28% No, I don’t care about hockey.

How well do you think photo radar in Moose Jaw is working?

  • 36% It’s getting people to slow down.
  • 54% It’s just bringing in more money for the government.
  • 10% It’s not working at all.

Wind knocked over a street light Tuesday morning. Do you think there is a safety hazard with other street lights in the city?

  • 60% Yes
  • 13% No
  • 27% Maybe

Are you planning to get tickets to see Styx when they perform in Moose Jaw this November?

  • 18% Absolutely!
  • 54% No way
  • 28% Maybe

Is the community of Moose Jaw conducive for volunteerism?

  • 44% Yes
  • 38% No
  • 18% Not sure

Is the community of Moose Jaw conducive for volunteerism?

  • 0% Yes
  • 100% No

What do you think of the two-month delay in the opening of the new hospital?

  • 44% Construction delays are common.
  • 44% I expected it to open on schedule.
  • 12% It doesn’t matter.

Do you think short staffing is a problem at Providence Place alone or do you think it’s a provincial issue?

  • 12% Providence Place only
  • 12% Provincial issue

Are you paying attention to Senator Mike Duffy’s trial?

  • 36% Yes, I’m keeping up with every detail.
  • 20% No, I’m not interested in hearing about this.
  • 44% I’ll read articles, but it’s not overly interesting.