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Results of the survey

Should Moose Jaw have a single or double stream recycling system with single stream having all recycling together non sorted and double stream being pre-sorted cardboard with newspapers and all packaged goods?

  • 56% Single Stream
  • 43% Double Stream

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Have you jumped on the Toronto Blue Jays' bandwagon?


With a new NHL season starting next week, will this be the year a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup?


Do you plan to tour the new regional hospital before it opens on Oct. 20?


Minimum wage in Sask., will increase to $10.50 today. Is that a fair raise?


Minimum wage in Saskatchewan will increase to $10.50 on Oct. 1. Is that a fair raise?

Recent survey

Would you like to see more televised federal leaders' debates?

  • 19% Yes. They're entertaining.
  • 65% No. Too many as it is.
  • 16% They're hard to watch, but I do anyway.

Is 'The Friendly City' an accurate description for Moose Jaw?

  • 37% It's spot on.
  • 35% Depends who you meet.
  • 28% Not even close.

Recycling carts are being delivered this week. Are you excited for the city's curbside recycling program to begin?

  • 65% Yes. It's about time.
  • 29% It'll be a nuisance.
  • 6% Not sure what to think.

Are you going on a warm-weather vacation at some point this winter?

  • 30% Absolutely! I always like to get away in the winter.
  • 55% No, I'll be hanging around here this winter.
  • 15% Maybe. I haven't quite decided yet.

With the Moose Jaw Warriors set to begin a new season, how many home games to you plan to attend this season?

  • 24% I have season tickets.
  • 2% At least 20-25 games.
  • 8% Maybe 10 or so games.
  • 66% Fewer than five games.

Do you have a Halloween costume picked out?

  • 11% It's all ready to go.
  • 72% Not yet.
  • 17% Finding the finishing touches.

Do you plan to vote in next month's federal election?

  • 86% Absolutely.
  • 5% Probably not.
  • 9% Is there a candidate worthy of my vote?

Should Green Party Leader Elizabeth May have been invited to participate in the most recent federal leaders' debate?

  • 50% Yes. She's a Party Leader.
  • 50% Green Party is irrelevant.
  • 0%

If you could, would you go back to high school and do it all over again?

  • 48% In a heartbeat.
  • 42% Not a chance.
  • 10% If just for the socializing.

What do you think of Toronto's decision to not bid to host the 2024 Olympics?

  • 86% Wise decision.
  • 14% A missed opportunity.