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Results of the survey

Should Moose Jaw have a single or double stream recycling system with single stream having all recycling together non sorted and double stream being pre-sorted cardboard with newspapers and all packaged goods?

  • 56% Single Stream
  • 43% Double Stream

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How often do you buy lottery tickets?


Do you think the city’s curbside recycling program has merit?


What are your thoughts on SGI data that shows more speeders are ticketed on a Moose Jaw highway intersection than four other highway photo radar devices in Saskatchewan?


Do you agree with the Moose Jaw Police Service’s decision to purchase semi-automatic carbine rifles for its general officers?


Do you think the Saskatchewan Party is doing its best at looking after special needs and disabled people in the province?

Recent survey

What's your favourite outdoor spot in Moose Jaw?

  • 32% Crescent Park
  • 21% Wakamow Valley
  • 0% Happy Valley Park
  • 0% The Bark Park
  • 12% Hillcrest Golf Course
  • 0% Lynbrook Golf Course
  • 28% My backyard
  • 7% Other

Does Canada’s Federal ‘first-past the post’ electoral system need to be reformed?

  • 42% Yes.
  • 53% No.
  • 5% I don't vote.

Are you a Tragically Hip fan?

  • 26% Yes. I love Gord Downie!
  • 49% No, not my musical taste.
  • 25% Who?

Have you volunteered your time or donated to charity in the past year?

  • 76% Yes, volunteering is important to me.
  • 2% No, but I plan on getting more involved.
  • 22% I can't afford to give my time or money.

What do you think about NHL.com's choice to identity Olympic medal winning female athlete Penny Oleksiak by her relationship to her brother?

  • 26% It's sexist, ridiculous.
  • 53% Not sexist just silly.
  • 21% Who?

Do you think marijuana should be legalized in Canada?

  • 43% Yes, it's about time.
  • 51% No, not a good idea.
  • 6% I'm undecided.

Would you like to see more local content as opposed to Canada and World news printed in the Moose Jaw Times Herald?

  • 70% Yes, more local is better.
  • 8% No, I like the paper the way it is.
  • 22% I'd like to see more Canada and World news.

What do you think of council’s decision to meet with the R.M. of Moose Jaw to discuss whether to complete the annexation in stages?

  • 48% It's the right call. More time is needed with this project.
  • 38% I'm opposed to this decision. Time is of the essence.
  • 14% I'm cautiously optimistic at what this will mean.

How much work do you think Saskatchewan drivers need to do in reducing impaired driving?

  • 74% A lot. Our statistics are way too high.
  • 21% Not much. We just need to remember not to drink and drive.
  • 5% I'm not sure, but I think we need to do better.

What do you think of Scott Clark’s decision to resign as CEO?

  • 4% I'm surprised. I didn't expect this to happen.
  • 69% Given how recent council meetings have gone, I'm not surprised.
  • 27% I have no opinion on his announced resignation.