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Do you plan on getting a flu shot this season?

  • 37% Yes
  • 62% No

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Roadside memorials are a growing occurrence in Saskatchewan. Do you think they are a good idea?

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What do you think of establishing Wakamow Valley as an ecomuseum?

  • 66% It’s a good idea.
  • 22% I'm not interested in this.
  • 12% What’s an ecomusuem?

With Moose Jaw Pride kicking off Trans Awareness Week on Sunday, do you think Moose Jaw has progressed in a positive way with the LGBT community?

  • 37% Yes
  • 25% No
  • 38% Yes, but it still needs a lot of work.

What do you think of council’s decision to not look into the drop-off of green compost material?

  • 41% They made the right call.
  • 45% They should've explored it.
  • 14% Don't care.

Do you think it’s a good idea to move Moose Jaw’s Relay for Life beck to the valley?

  • 80% Yes
  • 20% Not at all

Do you think the city should allocate the funds to fix Moose Jaw's outdoor pool?

  • 68% Yes
  • 17% No
  • 15% Build a new outdoor pool

With the Moose Jaw Warriors missing the WHL playoffs for a third straight year, what major change needs to take place?

  • 48% Fire GM Alan Miller
  • 3% Trade captain Brayden Point
  • 49% Improve the scouting department

Which outdoor park will get more use?

  • 83% The new dog park
  • 17% The new outdoor bike park

Are you happy with the Brad Wall and the Sask Party's budget?

  • 62% Yes
  • 24% Not at all
  • 14% They did good with what they had to work with

How do you want to pay for the cast iron watermain replacement in Moose Jaw?

  • 0% A tax increase
  • 21% Government funding
  • 79% A combination of both

What is your favourite St. Patrick’s Day tradition?

  • 22% The Shamrock
  • 22% Green beer
  • 38% Leprechauns
  • 18% The Parades