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Results of the survey

Are you looking for more information on the new lean hospital?

  • 56% Yes
  • 43% No

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Should Canada introduce a $5 coin?


Does the news of a $292-million deficit by the provincial government worry you?


Only 49 days until the federal election. How are you holding up with the campaign news?


How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?


If Donald Trump was an electoral candidate in Canada, would you vote for him?

Recent survey

How do you think the Moose Jaw Warriors will fair this season?

  • 10% WHL champs
  • 34% Miss the playoffs
  • 31% Long playoff run
  • 25% First-round playoff exit

Who do you think is most excited about the new school year starting?

  • 11% Students
  • 5% Teachers
  • 84% Parents

Has back-to-school shopping become more expensive?

  • 16% Slightly more expensive.
  • 68% A lot more expensive.
  • 16% No change.

Should airshows cease operations?

  • 16% Yes.
  • 74% No
  • 10% Maybe.

Does the last full week in August signal the end of summer?

  • 80% Yes
  • 20% No

Does the last full week of August signal the end of summer?

  • 42% Yes. Summer is over.
  • 42% No. Summer is still here.
  • 16% I'd rather not think about it.

Do you believe Environment Canada's forecast for a warmer and drier winter?

  • 100% Yes, it's an El Nino year
  • 0% No, winter is always cold and snowy
  • 0% Not sure what to believe

Will the Saskatchewan Roughriders beat the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday for their first win of the season?

  • 26% Yes
  • 72% No
  • 2% It'll end in a tie

Do you think marijuana should be decriminalized?

  • 53% Yes
  • 40% No
  • 7% Undecided

Are you ready for the school year to begin?

  • 28% Yes, I'm ready to go.
  • 19% I'm ready, but still want to enjoy the rest of the summer.
  • 53% Not at all. Summer isn't over yet.