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Results of the survey

Do you think police officers should carry Tasers?

  • 59% Yes
  • 40% No

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The provincial government introduced a bill to privatize some of Saskatchewan’s liquor stores. How does this sit with you?


SaskPower is asking for a 10.25 per cent rate increase over the next eight months. What do you think of the proposed increase?


According to TV ratings, Canadians haven’t been too interested in the Stanley Cup playoffs. What have you been watching instead?

Recent survey

The May long weekend often signals the unofficial beginning of summer. What's your favourite part of the long weekend?

  • 13% Relaxation
  • 26% Enjoying the great outdoors
  • 26% Extra day off work
  • 35% Hopefully the good weather

An EgyptAir flight went missing for an extended period of time on Thursday before it was found crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. Does flight travel worry you?

  • 22% Not worried at all
  • 69% It's a little unsettling
  • 9% More of a nuisance than anything

With the threat of spreading the Zika virus worldwide, should the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio be moved or cancelled?

  • 40% Yes, they should be moved.
  • 20% No, Rio won the right to host.
  • 40% It's too late to do anything.

Moose Jaw has had dozens of thefts from unlocked vehicles over the past weeks. Do you lock your doors at night?

  • 94% Yes, of course.
  • 2% No, I’ll take my chances.
  • 4% I forget sometimes.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders unveiled their new jerseys last week. What do you think of the new look?

  • 41% Not much of a change.
  • 29% It looks good.
  • 30% I don’t like it.

The Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly will resume this week. What are you hoping will be a priority for this session?

  • 17% I want to see a budget
  • 11% Job growth
  • 23% An answer to the GTH land deals
  • 49% All of the above

It's not uncommon to see snow on the May long weekend. Do you think we'll see the white stuff next weekend?

  • 10% Yes, I'm expecting us to get some snow.
  • 62% No. It'll warm up by then and it won't snow.
  • 28% I don't know for sure, but I hope we don't see any.

Saskatchewan will become the first province to have 24-hour visitation rights at hospitals. Is this a good idea?

  • 53% Yes. I like the flexibility.
  • 28% No. This is unnecessary.
  • 19% Makes no difference to me.

South of the border, it looks like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the two remaining candidates for the next presidency. Who would you vote for?

  • 41% Hilary gets my support
  • 27% The Donald all the way
  • 32% Ugh, how about neither

If you were one of the many people that lost a home in the Fort McMurray fire, would you go back and rebuild and start over?

  • 19% Yes, a fire wouldn’t chase me away.
  • 22% No, it’s time to start fresh elsewhere.
  • 59% It’s a tough decision. Glad I don’t have to make it.