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Results of the survey

Are you concerned about the plans for the new hospital?

  • 80% Yes
  • 19% No

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The CFL free-agent market has opened. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have made a handful of signings. How will the new-look Riders fair in 2016?


Valentine's Day will be recognized on Sunday. How do you best celebrate this special day?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said Canada will end its combat strikes against ISIS on Feb. 22. Do you agree with this decision?


The Moose Jaw Warriors are currently in sixth place overall in the WHL's Eastern Conference. A playoff berth is likely, but how far can this team advance?


Health minister Dustin Duncan recently said there are no imminent plans to ban vaping in public places. Do you feel there should be a ban?

Recent survey

Gas prices in the city are hovering near 70 cents per litre. With spring and summer fast approaching, which direction do you see those gas prices heading?

  • 23% Until oil has value, prices will maintain.
  • 58% Prices will jump. They always do.
  • 19% Prices should be lower.

Distracted driving is the traffic safety spotlight for February. Do you use your cellphone when driving?

  • 1% Yes. Can't live without it.
  • 80% No. I obey the law.
  • 19% I'll use it occasionally.

Premier Brad Wall admitted on Monday that his government would be operating a deficit this year and next. How do you feel about that?

  • 19% Concerned. Once rich and now broke.
  • 58% We're fine. Just a blip.
  • 23% Cautiously optimistic it'll improve.

We're into February and there's barely a skiff of snow to be found. Do you hope we'll see more seasonal temperatures, perhaps more snow, this month?

  • 26% Hoping for more snow.
  • 70% I like it the way it is.
  • 4% Colder and more snow. This is February!

Do you feel the Saskatchewan Party 'Lean' initiative is working as effectively as it should be?

  • 62% Yes. Just a couple of hiccups.
  • 31% No. Our healthcare is deteriorating.
  • 7% I think we're OK, but not great.

House prices in Moose Jaw have dropped quite a bit over the past year. Do you feel they will rebound?

  • 17% I'm hopeful.
  • 54% Not optimistic.
  • 29% Maybe slightly.

The warm winter continues this week with more temperatures forecast above the freezing mark. Are you a fan of this freeze-thaw weather?

  • 25% Yes. I'll always welcome a warm winter.
  • 25% No. I don't like the ice it creates on sidewalks/roads.
  • 50% Can we really complain above positive temperatures in January?

Weston Dressler signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Tuesday. Will you cheer or boo him when he returns to Mosaic Stadium?

  • 85% Cheer for him. He was one of the best for the Riders.
  • 15% Boo him. He's with the enemy now.

Should the 17-year-old boy accused of killing four people and injuring several others in La Loche be tried as an adult?

  • 91% Yes. This is a serious adult crime.
  • 9% No. He's just a kid.

Scientists recently revealed that 2015 was the warmest year on record for Earth. Are humans the cause of global warming?

  • 22% Yes. We are 100% to blame.
  • 20% Global warming is a myth.
  • 58% Humans play a role, but other factors are in play.