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Results of the survey

Have you made special plans for Valentine's day?

  • 23% Yes
  • 76% No

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Summer 2015 was an historic year in Saskatchewan for wildfires. With it being hot and dry, do you think this year we'll see more forest fires?


Garth Brooks announced on Friday he would be playing six concerts over a four-day stretch in Saskatoon this summer. Did you get tickets?


In the wake Prince's death last week, it was learned the musician did not have a living will. Do you have a will?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent a couple of days in Saskatchewan last week. Will his time here make a difference for our province?


The city's LIP plan was approved earlier this week despite loud opposition from many residents. Do you believe this issue has created a divide among taxpayers?

Recent survey

Canadian John Ridsdel was beheaded by a Muslim militant group on Monday. The group demanded a large sum of money for the release of Ridsdel. Should the Canadian government have met the monetary demands of the group?

  • 81% No. We should never pay ransoms in these situations.
  • 3% Yes. It would have saved his life.
  • 16% I don't know. There is no easy choice in these situations.

Frustrated residents gathered at city hall Monday evening to protest the city’s plans for water main replacement. If you were mayor, how would you fund this massive project?

  • 32% I like the current LIP.
  • 56% Spread evenly among all taxpayers.
  • 12% I have a different plan.

Premier Brad Wall indicated last week that the provincial deficit will likely be much higher than originally forecast. What's your reaction to this?

  • 35% Not surprised.
  • 23% Not worried.
  • 42% Funny how he didn't say this before the election.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday on Thursday. Is the Queen still relevant in Canada?

  • 52% Yes. The monarchy is a part of Canadian history.
  • 48% No. We have the Governor General in place.

Senator Mike Duffy was found not guilty on all 31 criminal charges. Do you agree with these rulings?

  • 21% Yes.
  • 32% Not at all.
  • 47% Abolish the Senate!

The Saskatchewan Rush played their final regular-season game last week before a sold-out crowd in Saskatoon. Do you think professional lacrosse has gained a foothold in the sports scene in this province?

  • 60% Yes, it's gaining momentum.
  • 40% Tough to say. It's a slow time of year for local sports.

More people are deleting their social media accounts because of an abundance of negativity and hateful words online. Could you turn your back on Facebook for an extended period of time?

  • 81% Yes, no problem.
  • 4% Probably not. I'm addicted.
  • 15% Can't we all just get along?

The Alberta government revealed its budget last week and it does not expect to balance the books until 2024. What is your reaction to this?

  • 26% Makes our deficit seem like peanuts.
  • 28% Can't help but feel for them.
  • 46% It's not the first time. They'll bounce back.

Some movie theatres in the country may soon start to allow movie-goers to text during a movie. Is this a good idea?

  • 0% Yes. I need to text at all times.
  • 100% Not at all.

A medical clinic in Regina is posting its wait times on social media. Would you like to see this done at all waiting rooms and ERs in the province?

  • 81% Yes. It's a good idea.
  • 19% It's not necessary.