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Have you made special plans for Valentine's day?

  • 23% Yes
  • 76% No

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Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal ordered that comedian Mike Ward to pay $35,000 for jokes he made at the expense of a former child singer with disabilities. What are your thoughts on this ruling?


What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Go mobile game that just launched in Canada?


Statistics Canada released information stating that crime in Moose Jaw increased from 2014 to 2015. What do you think of these numbers?


Humidity levels neared +40 Celsius this week. What are your thoughts on the recent temperature surge?


What do you think of the possibility of having a second retail liquor store in Moose Jaw?

Recent survey

This season, are you concerned about potential sewer backup in your home?

  • 10% Yes. I've had sewer backups before and I'm worried it'll happen again.
  • 55% No. I don't think this will happen to me.
  • 35% I'm always concerned about the possibility of this happening.

What are your thoughts on what happened in Turkey?

  • 46% Shock and horror. I can't believe what happened.
  • 26% I'm indifferent to the situation in Turkey right now.
  • 28% I need more information before I can gather my thoughts on this.

With the Mosaic Company’s temporary layoffs of 330 employees at its Colonsay potash mine, are you worried about the future of the industry?

  • 19% Yes. I'm concerned about this.
  • 71% No. This is temporary and I'm sure it'll bounce back.
  • 10% Maybe, but I'll wait it out before stressing too much.

What are your thoughts on a new seed cleaning facility being constructed near Belle Plaine?

  • 77% I'm in favour of it. This is positive news.
  • 10% I'm against it. I don't see why we need this.
  • 13% I don't care one way or the other.

Did the excessive rainfall affect you on Monday?

  • 22% Yes. My personal property was affected by the water in some way.
  • 11% Yes. It sure put a damper on my mood.
  • 67% No. Other than noticing the downpour, it didn't affect me.

What do you think of the announcement of a third Tim Horton’s coming to Moose Jaw?

  • 26% I'm excited. I can't wait for another Tim Hortons location.
  • 34% I don't care. We don't need another Tim Hortons in the city.
  • 40% I don't go to Tim Hortons, so this doesn't affect me.

What are your thoughts on how social services handled the situation of giving two homeless North Battleford men one-way bus tickets to Vancouver this spring?

  • 46% I agree with the report stating it was within policy but could've been handled better.
  • 22% I don't think this should be part of our transportation policy.
  • 32% It was handled poorly, but I'm confident improvements will be made.

This week, CAST submitted their petition with more than 7,000 signatures to city hall and the city is in the process of verifying those signatures. What outcome would you like to see from the petition?

  • 38% I hope council will adopt the petition as a motion and reverse the LIP.
  • 34% I'd like to see the petition become a citywide referendum for the fall election.
  • 28% I don't care what happens with the petition. I'm in favour of the LIP.

An activist group, Black Lives Matter Toronto, brought Canada’s largest Pride Parade to a stop and has since been receiving lots of hate mail. What are your thoughts on this situation?

  • 16% I agree with what the group wants, but they don't deserve hate mail.
  • 66% I disagree with what the group wants, but they don't deserve hate mail.
  • 18% I can't believe people are still sending hate mail these days.

A Canada Post strike is looming. Are you concerned about your mail delivery?

  • 31% Yes. Regular mail delivery is important to me.
  • 38% No. I'm not concerned about this.
  • 31% Not really, but I still hope a strike doesn't happen.