Medals won in Wadena

Katie Brickman
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Karate club preparing for major tournament

The Five Hills Chito Ryu Karate Club competed at a tournament in Wadena earlier this month and five competitors brought home medals. Members included, back row (L-R) Nancy Rosnes, Jaxson Nancarrow, Brandon Rosnes and Colin Rosnes. Front row, Janae Morhart, Tawney Moggey, Natalie Moggey, Callum Maitland and Rylan Morhart. Times-Herald photo by Katie Brickman

The Five Hills Chito Ryu Karate Club had a small, but strong showing earlier this month at a competition.

The club send eight competitors to Wadena for the Saskatchewan Karate Association provincial fall tournament and brought home five medals altogether. Some of the younger karate enthusiasts had to compete against others older than them and higher belts but proved their capabilities.

“They all did really well,” said instructor Nancy Rosnes.

In the Kata novice male and female 10 and under category, Janae Morhart brought home a silver medal. In Kata category, competitors complete a pattern of movements and are executed in a specific series. They are graded on how they maintain that perfect form while performing the moves.

“It was a little hard because you had to compete against older kids and bigger belts than you,” stated Morhart. “It was very exciting to get the silver medal and it was fun to be there.”

In the Kata novice male 11-13 category, Brandon Rosnes won his first of two silver medals from the tournament.

“It was pretty exciting because I usually do worse than that and because it was SKA, it is a lot different than the tournaments I normally go to,” he stated. “It was pretty good and a great experience for the club.”

The club also competed in the Kumite category, which is sparring against another opponent. In the novice male and female 10 and under division, Natalie Moggey won a gold medal.

“I think I did pretty well in the Kumite fighting because I got first place. There were two orange belts that I had to compete against and that’s two belts higher than me,” she said. “They were really hard. The one just kept throwing out punches and kicks.”

In the Kata intermediate female 11-13 category, Ashley Lake won a gold medal. Brandon Rosnes also won a silver medal in the Kumite category.  

“Our expectations were just that the kids would go out and do the best that they can. We viewed it more as a learning experience for them to get out on the floor and compete. It is a real self-confidence booster for them and that’s all we are looking for. If they medal, that is great,” explained Rosnes. “It is a huge confidence booster for them to go out there and compete. Some of them are six and for them to go out there and compete in front of people and five intimidating black belt judges is awesome.”

The club will be preparing for a tournament in Edmonton this spring. The competition is all of Alberta, but the local club is invited because they are the only club in Saskatchewan that offers the Chito Ryu style of karate.

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