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Katie Brickman
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Karate club excels in Edmonton competition

The Five Hills Chito Ryu Karate Club sent 11 compeitors to the Satewin Friendship Tournament in Edmonton, Alta in late April. The club came back with a combined 32 medals. Back row; instructior Nancy Rosnes, Owen McNabb, Brandon Rosnes, Jacob Sperian and instructor Colin Rosnes. Front row; Emma Coates, Callum Maitland, Rylan Morthart, Janae Morhart and Natalie Moggey. Absent was Ashley Lake, Victoria Lake and Nicolas Lake. Times-Herald photo by Katie Brickman

There is an old saying from Gichin Funakoshi: “The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of the participant.”

The Five Hills Chito Ryu Karate Club in Moose Jaw seemed to take that into consideration this season and into their final competition of the year.

“They did absolutely phenomenal and they were all in the top end of their categories,” stated instructor Colin Rosnes. “They are exceeding my expectations, but I think they are exceeding their own expectations.”

The local club sent 11 athletes to Edmonton, Alta. for the annual Satewin Friendship Tournament and came home with a combined 32 medals.

“Edmonton was fantastic. These guys far exceeded my expectations,” Rosnes said. “This is our last tournament of the season and this is a phenomenal way to cap it off.”

This tournament is important for the club, as this is the lone competition that is done in their style — Chito Ryu. Rosnes makes sure that as many fighters go to this tournament because it is in their strand of karate.

“It is important to get to them to go to these tournaments. The tournaments that are offered in the province are just as good, however, since this one is in our own style, they know every little mistake they have made. So, that is what they are getting judged on,” Rosnes explained.

There were a couple students that stood about to Rosnes, including Rylan Morhart, Jacob Speiran, Nicolas Lake and Callum Maitland.

“Rylan did very well in her categories. Jacob also did extremely well and Nicolas did very well too. Callum stood out too and he is one of the lower ranks that went. He was the one that was blocking and doing things correctly,” Rosnes explained. “The main the reason why they did well, in my eyes, is because they took the training we set here and applied it. There were a lot of fast and repetitive punches coming at them…instead of charging, they waited for the blocking moment and came in with a reverse punch and got a point every time. Waiting and being patience is key.”

Maitland also won a bronze medal in the team kata category.

“It was fun because we were doing team kata and one person of our team dropped out. So we had a new person and we still won the bronze medal,” Maitland said.

Brandon Rosnes had a learning experience at this tournament that will help in the future as he moves up the ranks.

“It was fun and very educational for me. One of the sensei took me aside and taught me how to deal with tall people. He told me how to do better moves,” he said. “What I was doing was just basic and he taught me more advanced stuff to use. It was very helpful.”

For Janae Morhart, she also dealt with some challenges, but overcame them to win some medals.

“It was pretty fun and a little bit challenging,” she said. “I had to fight a girl that was taller than me, but she didn’t know that much, so it was easier, but still a challenge.”

Now that the season has wrapped up, Rosnes and the other instructors are going to have to grade the students.

“Within my rank, I am allowed to skip a grade and do a double grading if I choose and a lot of these kids will be going through double gradings because their abilities have increased that much,” stated Rosnes.



7-10 White/Yellow Girls

Kata — Gold: Janae Morhart; Bronze — Emma Coates

Kumite — Gold: Janae Morhart; Bronze — Emma Coates

11-13 Yellow Girls

Kata — Bronze: Natalie Moggey

11-13 Orange Girls

Kata — Gold: Ashley Lake; Silver: Vicky Lake

Kumite — Gold: Ashley Lake; Silver: Vicky Lake

9-10 White Boys

Kata — Gold: Callum Maitland

Kumite — Silver: Callum Maitland

9-10 Orange Boys

Kumite — Gold: Nick Lake

11-13 Orange Boys

Kata — Bronze: Brandon Rosnes

Kumite — Bronze: Brandon Rosnes

11-13 Yellow Boys

Kata — Gold: Jacob Sperian; Silver: Owen McNabb

Kumite — Gold: Jacob Sperian; Silver: Owen McNabb

Team Kata

7-10 White/Yellow

Silver — M&Ms Return (Natalie Moggey, Janae Morhart and Rylan Morhart)

Bronze — Kickin It Karate (Callum Maitland, Emma Coates and Corbin Yobukan

11-13 Yellow/Orange

Gold — The Three Amigos (Owen McNabb, Brandon Rosnes and Jacob Sperian)

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