Wrestlers medal at provincials

Katie Brickman
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Local wrestlers made the most of their final tournament of the season.

Campbell Andrews (right) from the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Wrestling Club flips Angela Aalbers from Manor during an bantam girls exhibition match at the SAWA Freshie-Bantam Provincial Championships at Peacock Collegiate on Saturday afternoon. Times-Herald photo by Katie Brickman

Peacock Collegiate was filled with mats, coaches, parents and small wrestlers on Saturday as the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Wrestling Club hosted the SAWA Freshie and Bantam wrestling provincial tournament.

“All the kids wrestled well and it was a good turnout,” said Chris Kell, coach for the freshie division. “We have had some that have been wrestling for two years, but we had a lot of new kids this year. The group wrestled really well and had some strong showing. A lot of good matches and everyone wrestled well.”

The local club had 30 wrestlers competing in various categories and came out with 21 medals. Eleven of those medals came from the freshie wrestlers, who are all under the age of eight.

“We are very happy with the outcome. The kids wrestled well. We had some kids that didn’t win, but made big strides with the kids they wrestled with in the past that they faced again,” said Kell.

The freshie group also finished second, just behind Saskatoon, who had about 10 more wrestlers than the local Kinsmen group.

“We only lost by eight points,” said Kell. “We had a really good showing.”

Overall, there were 160 wrestlers from across the province that came to compete and 60 of those were female wrestlers.

“I was a little bit surprised that there were that many girls, but there are quite a few girls that are wrestling now. I wouldn’t say it is completely unusual, but I was surprised with that much of a split,” stated Lee Cushway, coach of the bantam division. “Our club in Moose Jaw has always had quite a few girls. It is not unusual, but it was nice to see 60 girls compete here at the tournament.”

This was the fourth tournament of the year for these age groups and the coaches didn’t have any expectations for the wrestlers, more just focused on wanting them all to improve on their skill sets.

“It is still at the fun level. That is more of my coaching style. You want them to have a good day, perform to their abilities, but in the end, you want them to fun and enjoy the day,” said Cushway. “We didn’t really talk about expectations or any numbers of what we would like to see; we more or less just wanted everyone to perform as good as they could.”

This now ends the season for the young wrestlers, but the coaches do want to try and get a wrap up event together to bring everyone together one last time.

“We are really happy with how things ended up with the last tournament and hopefully a lot of the kids are back next year so we can keep on working on what we learnt this year and improve for next year,” said Kell.

Prior to the tournament beginning, members of the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club were on hand to present a cheque to the wrestling club for new mats and equipment.


Freshie Female 21-23

1. Meerika Hutchinson (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Brynn Kell (MJ Kinsmen)

3. Elizabeth Lemaigre (Clearwater River Dene School)

4. Chloe Strueby (MJ Kinsmen)

Bantam Female 53-56

1. Abby Busch (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Angela Aalbers (Manor)

Bantam Female 53-56

1. Katlyn Franklin (Weyburn)

2. Savannah Chouinard (Jr. Huskies)

3. Alyssa Hoffert (Cattown)

4. Midgie Marasse (MJ Kinsmen)

Pee Wee Female 49-55

1. Campbell Andrews (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Cherise Herman (Clearwater River Dene School)

3. Chantelle Herman (Clearwater River Dene School)

Freshie Male 16-18

1. Grady Mullin (Saskatoon)

2. Luke Pratte (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 19-21

1. Jace Reich (Swift Current)

2. Payton Kell (MJ Kinsmen)

3. Kaleb McCrystal (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 22-23

1. Grayson Collier (Swift Current)

2. Kale Pratte (MJ Kinsmen)

3. Karver Heustis (Weyburn)

4. Luke Bryant (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 23-25

1. Kayde Kell (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Davan Krogsgaard (Swift Current)

3. Liam Rayner (Swift Current)

4. Kingston Usher (Saskatoon)

5. George Winlidale (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 25-27

1. Tayden Hardwicke (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Walker Strubey (MJ Kinsmen)

3. Raiden Kiraly (Weyburn)

4. Lincoln Angus (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 27-29

1. Billy Franklin (Weyburn)

2. Ethan Forrest (Saskatoon)

3. Talon Tumback (Swift Current)

4. Zach Chow (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 34-34

1. Matthew Yong (Saskatoon)

2. Dominic Bonogofski (Swift Current)

3. Christopher Nelson (MJ Kinsmen)

Freshie Male 45-45

1. Neyva Abbasi (MJ Kinsmen)

Novice Male 22-23

1. Chaz Vanderdort (Swift Current)

2. Kaleb McBurney (Swift Current)

3. Joel Marak (MJ Kinsmen)

Novice Male 27-29

1. Drew Cushway (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Ty Pratte (MJ Kinsmen)

3. Liam Evans (Weyburn)

Novice Male 37-39

1. Colby Cushway (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Griffin Stewart (Saskatoon)

3. Teegan Kingfisher (La Ronge)

Pee Wee Male 33-36

1. Logan Bohle (Saskatoon)

2. Noah Klitch (Saskatoon)

3. Jakob Brownlee (Manor)

4. Carson Hartman (MJ Kinsmen)

Pee Wee 35-37

1. Kordin Gould (Boothill WC)

2. Eric Fleming (Weyburn)

3. Kyle Yamniuk (MJ Kinsmen)

Pee Wee Male 40-42

1. Kaiden Fletcher (Swift  Current)

2. Dylan Yamniuk (MJ Kinsmen)

3. Agar Haineault (Clearwater River Dene School)

Pee Wee Male 47-48

1. Michael Yong (Saskatoon)

2. Riley Fiske (La Ronge)

3. Landon Campbell (MJ Kinsmen)

Pee Wee Male 49-50

1. Manny Halbgewachs (Manor)

2. Luke Nelson (Swift Current)

3. Dawson Jepson (Esterhazy)

4. Keegan Kelly (RC Wrestling)

5. Reed Bistretzon (MJ Kinsmen)

Pee Wee Male 59-65

1. Tyson Kruchelniski (Saskatoon)

2. Hayden Bert (Weyburn)

3. Liam Cheecham (Clearwater River Dene School)

4. Kayden Barber (MJ Kinsmen)

5. Jordy Bourdages (MJ Kinsmen)

Bantam Male 37-39

1. Tony Cushway (MJ Kinsmen)

2. Simon Uleryk (Boothill WC)

3. Brayden Ealey (Weyburn)

Organizations: Moose Jaw Kinsmen Wrestling Club, Clearwater River Dene School, Elizabeth Lemaigre Cherise Herman Chantelle Herman Jace Reich Agar Haineault Liam Cheecham

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Swift Current La Ronge

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