Elementary badminton results

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Full results from the girls and boys singles action.

Brenden Jesse (right) from Cornerstone tries to hit the birdie back to Kaiden Esmond from King George in the elementary boys badminton Pool A final on Tuesday night. Esmond went on to beat Jesse in three sets. Times-Herald photo

Girls Singles

Pool A

1. Mikayla Goddard (Cornerstone)

2. Grace Fisher (Palliser Heights)

3. Haley Rosso (Lindale)

4. Emma Schaeffer (Palliser Heights)

Pool B

1. Didumo Omot (Prince Arthur)

2. Celia Chu (Sunningdale)

3. Ashley Seiferling (Sunningdale)

4. Sydney Multon (Sunningdale)

Pool C

1. Alexis Valgardsson (King George)

2. Katherine McDougall (Lindale)

3. Isabelle Kreuger (King George)

4. Brittany Birtles (Cornerstone)

Pool D

1. Keira Heinbigner (King George)

2. Myra Szabo (Westmount)

3. Sara Russell (Cornerstone)

4. Skylar Ackerman (Lindale)

Pool E

1. Ariet Okuori (Prince Arthur)

2. Kella Fay (William Grayson)

3. Spencer Noble (Palliser Heights)

4. Emily Blackmore (Westmount)

Pool F

1. Shay Hessedal (William Grayson)

2. Brooke Timpa (Empire)

3. Kia Hyman (Empire)

4. Faith Morrison (William Grayson)


Boys Singles

Pool A

1. Kaiden Esmond (King George)

2. Brenden Jesse (Cornerstone)

3. Matthew Martineau (Sunningdale)

4. Cauy Cobb (King George)

Pool B

1. Spencer Newans (King George)

2. Brody Sims (Lindale)

3. Jackson Woloschuk (Palliser Heights)

4. Austin Bechtold (Westmount)

Pool C

1. Jacob Winowich (Cornerstone)

2. Chayce Vanthuyne (Sunningdale)

3. Ben Lewis (Cornerstone)

4. Petrit Gashi (Prince Arthur)

Pool D

1. Austin Pretty-MacNevin (Palliser Heights)

2. Taylor Blackmore (Westmount)

3. Connor Heath (Sunningdale)

4. Musa Keita (Prince Arthur)

Pool E

1. Alahagi Dukuly (Prince Arthur)

2. Joey Derksen (Lindale)

3. Ethan Watt (Palliser Heights)

4. Cole Morash (Lindale)

Pool F

1. Dawson Yaganiski (Empire)

2. Cody Sanford (William Grayson)

3. Thor Myo (Empire)

4. Jadyn Wells (William Grayson)

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