Soggy experience for Biro

Katie Brickman
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Motocross rider hopes for back-to-back Western championship titles

The rain began on Friday morning and kept going throughout the evening and overnight.

Kyle Biro.

Those heavy rains turned the Moto Valley Raceway in Regina into an impassable mud bog.

It wasn’t how Kyle Biro envisioned his first Rockstar Energy Motocross National Series event to go.

“There was mud on the track and in the pit,” said Biro. “I fell over a couple of times just walking the track. I got my dad’s rain jacket all muddy and almost lost a boot.”

The local motocross rider was excited to participate against some of the top racers in Canada and United States, but didn’t get the chance.

“It was so muddy and we didn’t want to blow up a bike,” Biro explained.  “We didn’t end up racing anyways because I wasn’t in the series. It was kind of pointless for me to try it. If it was a race where I was in the series, then I would have raced.”

Riders were able to get through the first moto, but then the second half of the schedule was event was cancelled because of the heavy rains and thunderstorms.

“They ran the first ones because with it being the Canadian Nationals, they have to run one moto of each class before they can cancel,” said Biro. “They have to run one no matter what.”

Although the rain dampened Biro’s experience on the track, he did find it interesting to watch the other riders in the pro level perform in the mud.  

“Those guys were really good in the mud. I have never seen anyone ride that fast in mud before other than on TV,” he said. “I didn’t talk to many of them as they were concentrating and busy during the day, but it is not easy to ride in the mud.”

Biro will now turn his focus to a win he really wants to achieve.

“The next race is Raymond, which is next week in Lethbridge,” he said. “It is the Western Canadian championship.”

Biro won the championship last year in the schoolboy, MX2 junior and MX3 levels.

He has moved up to intermediate level now, which is just a step below the pro class.

“I have faced all of them all the way up. Everyone moves up at the same pace,” said Biro. “It is a good feeling, otherwise I wouldn’t know what I am going into. I don’t know how fast everyone will be because they will have improved, but I still think I can win it again this year.”

It is a three-day race series, but the Biro family will be leaving town on July 1 and the race runs July 3 to 5.

After Raymond, the family will take a week off to go fishing and spend time with other family members. After that, Biro will head up to Canadian National Championship.  He won third in the MX2 Junior level last year.

“I am hoping to win it,” he said. “I hope this year will be my year.”

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