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Katie Brickman
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Moose Jaw Skating Club hosting Snowflake Competition in January

Sydney Miskiman performs her solo routine during the Moose Jaw Skating Club Christmas on Ice show on Sunday evening at the Bert Hunt Arena. Times-Herald photo by Katie Brickman

Every year around Christmastime, the Moose Jaw Skating Club hosts their Christmas on Ice show. CanSkate Advance skaters and Star Skaters perform their routines they have been working on all season in front of their family and friends.

This year, there were close to 85 skaters in the program overall — one of the highest amount of skaters.

“This was for sure more than we had than last year. We have more beginner star skaters, which is nice to see for the club,” said coach Jana Beesley-Capili. “We work hard at bringing up new skaters because that is what builds up into our competitive skaters.”

With that many new skaters coming through the program, the club is excited that all the beginners and competitive skaters get to see each other perform.

“It is just so good for our club to see that many interested new skaters that want to build up and do more,” said Beesley-Capili. “It is also good for them to see all the competitive skaters participate so they can see where they can be. Those older kids are such role models for the little ones.”

The Christmas on Ice is different than the other show they perform at the end of the season, as for many of the skaters, this is their first time showing off their routines.

“Every kid gets an opportunity to go out in front of everybody and perform his or her solo and gain that experience. Most of them don’t go to competitions and never get an opportunity to do that, so that is what this is for,” she stated. “It is like a recital for the skaters to go out and show their parents and family what they can do. No pressure, all about fun and nothing at all like a competition.”

The best part for the coaches is seeing all the skaters perform their routines they have all been working hard on in practice and the smiles on each face afterwards.

“It was fun to watch the kids come off the ice and how proud they are of themselves to go out there and do that and to remember it. They knew what they were doing and they looked pretty in their dresses and hair done,” said Beesley-Capili. “We had so many and a lot of them have never gone out on the ice by themselves. So that was a big deal for them and they all did a really good job.”

The Moose Jaw Skating Club will be busy in the new year with a couple events, including a competitive development seminar that Skate Canada Saskatchewan is bringing to Moose Jaw on Dec. 28 (8:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.) at the Bert Hunt Arena. Many skaters from around the province, including the local clubs will be attending. The club will also be hosting the Snowflake Competition, which will be a regional event on Jan. 12 -13 and many skaters from around the area will be there to compete.

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