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Photo : Jillian Bilawchuk & Karrin Saliger March 26, 2014

Katie Brickman - Between the Lines

Questions offside - As a female, I am appalled. As a female sports-writer, I am embarrassed. Eugenie Bouchard, the Canadian darling that has taken over tennis and Twitter this past week was asked some very stupid questions in her press conferences. Bouchard made history by becoming the first Canadian female tennis player to reach the women’s singles final of Wimbledon. She has made it to every semifinal in each event she has competed in this season. That is also history she made. However and for whatever reason, Bouchard wasn’t really asked a lot about her experience at the famous Slam event or how her stock has risen in the game. In fact, the 20-year-old from Westmount, Que. was asked about Justin Bieber, marriage proposals via social media and if she’s ever met the Royal Family. Last week in London was not the only time Bouchard has been peppered with questions about Bieber. That line of questioning was asked in Australia after she won a hard-fought match in January. She was asked if she could date anyone, who would she date — she stuttered through the question with some laughter by saying Bieber. That was a direct question a reporter asked her on the court after a win. Inexcusable. The British tabloids just couldn’t let that line of questioning go as they continually asked her about Bieber and if she thought he had noticed her yet. Terrible questions considering Bouchard was playing some of her best tennis during the week.  Bieber shouldn’t have even been brought up again. Bouchard…

Photo : Katie Brickman July 09, 2014
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