Central Collegiate students donate to SCRAPS

Lisa Goudy
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Glady Bell, Band City Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society (SCRAPS) president and founder (far right), Taleathahh Livingstone, SCRAPS board treasurer (far left) and Ray Rawlyk, Central Collegiate teacher, pose with some of the students who donated $535 to the SCRAPS at the school on Feb. 27, 2014. Students pictured are Aurora Wolfe, Grade 12 student, Desiree Lowes, Grade 12 student, Mawadda Tarhuni, Grade 12 student, Drake Meili, Grade 12 student, Melissa Doris, Grade 11 student, Alex Folk, Grade 11, Bailey Lowe, Grade 12, Charlie Wons, Grade 11 and Tomas Spence, Grade 12.

Students at Central Collegiate raised $535 for the Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society (SCRAPS).

“In my class, because I’m an animal lover, we all share stories about animals and cats come up and it naturally just leads to, ‘What do we have in this community to help stray cats?’” said teacher Ray Rawlyk. “Especially in a winter like this, it comes up more and more and the kids tell me stories of how they found frozen, scared little kitties and they take care of them and I said, ‘Well, you know’ and that leads into a discussion about SCRAPS.”

He said he was pleased with the amount raised.

“We just collect pocket change from kids and some of the kids when they go to Superstore or something, they pick up some bags of cat food and it’s all in support of SCRAPS,” said Rawlyk. “When they run to Tim Hortons or something, they say, ‘well, I can do without a coffee today and here’s this.’ It is good. So it’s little change. It’s $2, $3, $4.”

“That little change makes a big change,” added Taleathahh Livingstone, board treasurer of SCRAPS.

Glady Bell, president and founder of SCRAPS, said she is happy to see young students getting involved.

“It’s very good to see the young people take an interest on what’s going on with the community cats and trying to help by any way they can. This is what we need to see,” she said. “Younger generations coming up need to understand how important it is to be a responsible pet owner and what the problems are out there with pets.”

Out of the estimated 500 students at Central, Rawlyk estimated half of them donated something to SCRAPS in the annual fundraising efforts.

“This year, it was excellent,” he said. “Young kids in the next generation are beginning to understand the need for something like SCRAPS and why it’s important and they’re becoming a part of it, which is what we want.”

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