Emma's Dilemmas: My first, worst car

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Earlier this week, as Jimmy Fallon sent out the hashtag “my worst car” on Twitter, I began to relive the memories I’ve had this past year with my first car.

Emma Levey

By Emma Levey, Special to the Times-Herald

My 1996 dark green Ford Taurus and I are celebrating our first anniversary.

Last April I set out to get a vehicle I thought would make my life one hundred times easier. Although there have been days of freedom, there have also been many days of grief and hardship, like trying to get my car to make it down the road so that simple things like going to school can happen.

When my little car first came to my house, I was never expecting it to sit in the driveway for almost six months.

One month tops is all that I ever thought it would be. In one month I would go for my road test, and of course pass on the first time, and then be on the open road and of course have no issues with my car.

In the midst of life happening, though, that is not even close to what happened.

May came along and I went for my road test and failed. I tried not to sweat it but I was so mad at myself knowing that my car would have to sit in the driveway again until July.

Despite not having the ability to take my car anywhere, I still loved the feeling of sitting in it, listening to music and imagining that in two short months I could be all by myself driving it. Once again bad luck came my way. I failed my road test — again — getting more points off then the first time.

I was completely and utterly devastated.

Even though I was going to have an amazing summer, and I was barely even going to be at home, or even Canada for that matter, in my eyes it was ruined.

After a great summer of having to rely on my family to drive me around, September came and I knew that this time I would pass. It seemed like I had so many people rooting for me, and I had been practising so much, but I decided that if I didn’t pass, I would probably wait a year before going again.

Fortunately, that didn’t have to happen. I finally passed!

Even though it was the third time, I was so happy that I could have hugged the person who was testing me, and I’m sure he was thrilled to finally have me out of his hair.

That weekend I was so excited to set out on my first road trip. Unfortunately that never got to happen. I ended up needing a new battery for my car and had to stay home that weekend.

Thankfully I was able to get that new battery, and a few weeks later I was able to go for the same trip. However, within only a couple hours of leaving, that fun adventure ended up with me sitting next to my mother in the hospital with whiplash. With that being said, my first solo road trip was not very successful.

As these past few months have gone on, it seems that I have had the worst luck. A beautiful pink trail of transmission fluid has sent me on my way to school on numerous occasions. I have learned that I can never go straight into drive without hearing a huge thump — slowly reversing is key! My window has worked, then not worked and then worked again — this has made for many embarrassing drive thru experiences — and lately my power steering has decided to have a mind of its own.

Whether it has been realizing that every part of my car needs some kind of fluid to work, or losing my only set of keys, on top of paying what still feels like way too much money, this year has definitely been an adventure.

From hearing many people’s stories, everyone’s first car seems to be their worst car. Hopefully for me, this will be the end of my hardships of owning my first worst car.

Geographic location: Canada

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