E3: A look at Microsoft's X-Box showing

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I just could not resist another gaming series.

Samantha Emann

By Samantha Emann, special to the Times-Herald

This one will be dedicated to game previews and trailers revealed at the E3 conference. But there are so many things to talk about, I feel the need to divide it up into multiple editions.

This week, I am placing the emphasis on the new titles for Microsoft's console, X-Box One. Next week will be dedicated to PC games and content.

Here are some observations and critiques I have made based on trailers and news that caught my interest or my ire.

Fable Legends

Let`s start this off right with a game series I love to hate. I played through the entire first Fable game really wanting to like it. The preview for the multiplayer Fable Legends made it way too easy for me. I do think a four-player co-op game with the ability for a fifth person to play the villain is a very interesting way to try and bring a more dynamic experience to the game, but there are a few standing issues that make me want to stay away and not spend hard-earned money on this series. I have seen the dialogue described as cringe-worthy and I am very much inclined to agree. Also the characters, monsters and story are as one-dimensional as ever. I guess the unoriginal, boring story can be forgiven in a multiplayer but the game promises nothing innovative or new, nor was expecting it to.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

As I watched the trailer for this one I realized I am going to have to give this series another shot.  Making a multiplayer for previously campaign-only games seems to be a trend this year and Assassin`s Creed is another title jumping onboard. I did not like the first Assassin`s Creed game but I do think adding multiplayer adds a fun and challenging new dimension that people frustrated with the flaws of the solo game may enjoy. This preview has inspired me to give the series another chance which is the best possible scenario for game-makers in a money-making sense. Don`t disappoint me a second time Ubisoft.       

Halo Guardian multiplayer and Master Chief collection

I will admit that this instalment in the Halo series is quite transparent in its money-grabbing goal.  All the same, the Halo multiplayer experience is so good that adding more maps and abilities is just icing on a very addictive cake. I like that the makers are putting focus on the multiplayer aspect of this game as it, in my mind, is the best part of the series.  Good for groups and parties but also good if you just want to come home from work and shoot people for points. Like Assassin`s Creed Unity, with this game I just throw up my hands and say “take my money.”

The Witcher: Wild Hunt

I watched the trailer for this game, having not played any of the previous instalments, and was immediately drawn in by the story behind the characters. I think this game, from first glimpse, will mix the good parts of Skyrim mythical creatures and stories with a non-stereotypical protagonist. The trailer for this game made me want to try the earlier instalments. Hurray for trying new things, but boo for getting sucked into another fantasy series with great looking horseback riding and combat mechanics.  This was the first trailer to actually get me excited to play a new series of games.


This was a trailer that caught my attention with the main character`s dragon sidekick and I love the idea of playing as both a human and a butt-kicking dragon. The concept looked great until I saw what I thought was a fantasy-themed character throw on a pair of headphones while helping his dragon kill baddies. I found this threw me off as it kind of ruined the aesthetic of the game.

That's it for my assessment of the titles X-Box is preparing to offer. If there is a game trailer or content preview you would like me to comment on, critique or scoff at please drop me a line. I am always looking for new games to spend my money on and feel buyers' remorse over. 

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