Chivalry is dead

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The other night a friend and I were out on the town where we noticed the dating scene has dramatically changed. Do people even know how to date anymore and is chivalry completely dead?

Mickey Djuric

Boys will call girls their girlfriend after texting for a week, and men consider watching a movie on Netflix in their parents basement, with you and his pet dog, a romantic evening. 

This could not sound anymore unappealing to me, but it has made me realize millennials are completely confused about dating. 

Everyone has a different idea of the word date. It is no longer black and white as it once was in the 50's. Call me niave but it seemed easier back then where you'd compete for a girl's attention at the local sock hop then next thing you know you've been married for 60 years. Happily ever after, that's how the story goes — right?

In today's world, guys and girls rendezvous over text messages and likes on dating apps like Tinder, and hanging out is now considered dating.

Unexperienced daters take their cue from pop culture. Shows like Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother have one romantic kiss in the rain and that's that, the two are holding hands in the next scene and the wedding airs next season.

The reality of today's dating scene is more fast paced which suits my low attention span. Millenials are exposed to a buffet of men and women thanks to the Internet and the hundreds of dating sites which makes it as easy to date a man just by simply saying "yes." No actual date necessary. 

On top of that, everyone's got their own texting game. If a love interest texts you, be careful not to respond too quickly because you will seem eager. And men, don't get any ideas of showing up to a girl's house with a boom-box over your head playing a Peter Gabriel song, because that is now considered creepy. 

I don't know, maybe I am clouded by my John Hughes movies, but the modern dating scene sounds more exhausting and grueling than ever before. It seems like it's up to this generation to figure out what we're all doing, but don't panic, I'm convinced we will all fall in love regardless of what method was used. 

Mickey Djuric can be reached at (306) 691-1263 or @Mickey_MJTimes 

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