A Pro-Moustache Rant

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    At what point in this misguided society did the moustache lose its trendiness? At 18 years of age I am proud of the hair that I have not shaved off of my upper lip. Young people simply don't wear enough moustaches in my opinion. Have they become guilty by association? Nobody wants to associate with the likes of Hitler or Stalin, after all. Well, Charlie Chaplin's "Little Tramp" had Hitler's moustache years before he did. Why not associate it with Charles? Do we want the Nazis to hold this small, arbitrary victory? I should hope not. Not that I'm saying everyone should grow a moustache first thing post-puberty, I just wish more folks would experiment with them. Personally I carry a somewhat piratey, Shakespearean-looking moustache with a thin goatee underneath. It provides a blanket for my lips and a place to stroke when I am lost deep within my own thoughts. Also, it's that much less time consumed by the tedious shaving process every morning, which really takes up too much time as it is (as I'm sure you all know). I would like to take credit for bringing a big bowl of moustaches to the potluck that is modern facial hair, but as anyone with a vague understanding of what people used to look like could tell you, inspiration can be found within the pages of most illustrated history books. However, what I propose is more of a visit into Post-Moustachism: I'm just saying don't let society dictate things like what facial hair you consider growing. Experiment. The best way to find out if you like something is to try it. The young man's moustache is but an example of this. Assumptions and pre-made stances are no way to go through life. So what do you say, boys? Whose up for No-Shave February?   
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