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I was recently reading an article on discover Moose Jaw in regards to the decline in students entering Riverview Collegiate. In my own personal opinion I feel it has to do with it's location. Vanier, Central, and Peacock are all within a vicinty of one another that the teens can "HANG" at noon times, thus keeping in contact with friends and making new friends as well. I myself attended Riverview, but only did so for my grade nine year then transferred to Peacock. In my grade nine year the top football teams were the Central Cyclones and the Riverview Royals, and Riverview had an amazing cheerleading squad which were the envy of other high schools. But I soon realised how isolated from the other high schools Riverview really was. Riverview didn't compare and apparently still doesn't compare to what the other schools have to offer it'sxstudents in regards to extra credit classes, such as mechanics, welding, dance and so on. Also back when I was a teen parents were alot tougher on kids and I don't know if this has anything to do with todays ways of parenting or not. I fortunatley had parents who let me choose the high school of my choice but maybe back then the parents didn't give the kids the choice but simply told them this is where you're going, or simply maybe it was thought ok they live on south hill this is where they HAVE to go. Also raising kids in this day and age is expensive. You don't see alot of families with more then three kids anymore, one and two, the average being two. Sometimes you will see a large family, I myself have five children ranging in ages from five years to sixteen years. A majority of large families now a days consist of step-parents and step-kids. All this is my own opinion, enrollment down due to isolation, lack of extra credit courses, and the expense of having kids.
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